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GreenBio Plants
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GreenBio Plants

The plant uses the bed technology where sewage is treated in constructed wetlands planted with reeds, mainly phragmites Austrails which is acclimatized to Sewage Treatment Condition. The quality of the treated water allows its reuse for irrigation. The plant can be designed for a population say upto 10 KLD.

The reed bed technology is well established in Europe and North America. A symbiosis of reed roots microbiological population & deep boring earthworms accomplishes the treatment process biologically in interaction plant; the technology is optimized for the local climatic conditions.

Treatment and reuse of wastewater :

  • Eco-Friendly and energy conserving method of wastewater treatment.
  • The treated water is being reused for gardening/irrigation, vehicle washing etc.
  • The system looks like a garden, hence, is a part of landscaping.
  • The system saves 90% of energy costs over conventional treatment methods.

Application :

  • Sewage water
  • Poultry Waste water
  • Slaughter House
  • Low COD & BOD Waste Water