We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & 45001 Certified, leading Engineering & Turnkey Projects Engineers and Consultants, suppliers of Waste Heat Recovery System with option of ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) & SRC (Steam Rankine Cycle).

We specialize in providing comprehensive EPC/ Turnkey solutions for sustainability in the fields of environment and energy. Our track record includes the successful implementation of numerous innovative and customized systems aimed at energy conservation, as well as waste to-energy projects.

Our expertise ranges from waste heat recovery systems, encompassing a variety of boilers, to highly complex setups involving RG Boilers, FG Boilers, and WHRB systems for Sulphuric Acid Plants, Cement Plant, Steel Plant and Glass Plants.

Additionally, we have extensive experience in designing HRSGs for Gas Turbines, Engines, and Incinerators, among others.

We Offer:

-Energy Conservation Projects
-Waste Heat Recovery Systems from heat sources –DG sets , Boilers, Ovens , Furnaces, TFH, etc.
-High Efficiency Thermal Equipment’s
-Fuel Switchover Projects
-Air/water heat pipes & pumps
-Industrial fuel saving projects

Our Projects:

-Waste Heat Recovery Systems on Furnace
-Waste Heat Recovery Systems on DG Set Exhausts
-Waste Heat Recovery Based Adsorption System
-Waste Heat Recovery Based Organic Ranking Cycle
-Sand Reclamation Plants
-Hydroxy Combustion System for Fuel Saving
-Waste Heat Recovery On Paint Shop Oven Exhaust
-WHR HWG On Annealing Furnace Exhaust
-WHR HWG On DG Set Exhaust
-Waste Heat Recovery Charge Preheater
-Hot Air Generator (HAG)
-Hot Water Generator (HWG)

Our Products:

-Steam Turbines
-Straight Condensing Turbines
-Back Pressure Turbines
-Extraction Cum Back Pressure Turbines
-Extraction Cum Condensing Turbine
-Micro Gas Turbines

WHRS Products:

-Combined Cycle/Waste Heat Recovery Based Power Plants
-Waste Heat Recovery Systems For Process Applications
-Waste Heat Recovery Boilers & Systems
-Water Tube Boilers/Smoke Tube Boilers
-Process Integrated Boilers

ORC System-Low Temperature Heat to Power:

ORC Technology Is Key To The Energy Transition

EPL offers  ORC modules As per Available Thermal Energy.

EPL has a strategic international collaboration that proposes ORC modules that use waste heat from very low temperature ,thus expanding the diversity of the applications of its modules.


Industrial Heat Sources:

Various sources of Waste Heat
-Exhaust heat recovery from Reciprocating Engine driven Gen-sets used for Captive Power

Cogeneration and Independent Power Production:

– Heavy fuel fired
– Gas fired
– Diesel fired
-Exhaust heat recovery from Gas Turbine exhaust.
-Jacket heat recovery from Engine
-Hot Waste Gases from
-Scrap melting steel furnaces
-Cement kilns
-Industrial furnaces
-Process Waste Gases
-Flue Gases

Process & Design Expertise:


EPL has highly experienced experts with specialized expertise in developing process and design simulations. Their proficiency aids in crafting highly efficient and precise design-to-execution strategies for projects.

To achieve this, EPL utilizes industry-recommended software like ASPEN PLUS/HYSYS, CHEMCAD, EDR, and others. These software packages are widely accepted and utilized in industrial settings for process simulation.

We also offer-Steam Products: