Water Treatment Spares & Water treatment Components supplied by us:

Item Description
Resins Ion exchange Resins for Softening & DM Plants
Filter Media Filter Media as per IS-8419 in Different Grades to suit your filtration needs.
Activated carbon In different mesh sizes and Iodine no’s from 550 to 1000, Coconut Shell Base.
Anthracite In Different mesh sizes, regular as well as processed for Higher Filtration Efficiency.
Green Sand Manganese Greensand is used to remove iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide from water resources. It is used alone or in combination with coal in dual media filtration systems.
Raschig Rings In Standard PP MOC of 38 mm size
RO Membranes CTA and TFC RO Membranes from Reputed Manufacturers in 1.8”, 2.5”, 4” and 8” Dia for Tap / Brackish/ Well/Sea water applications.
Ultra-Filtration Membranes Ultra-filtration membranes (MOC – polyether sulfone) for Municipal / Industrial applications
RO Housings RO Housings for 4” and 8” Membranes in Filament wound FRP to suit different Arrays of Membranes.
Cartridge Filters & cartridges Pleated, Spun, Melt blown, Wound Cartridges from 0.2 to 50 microns with Housings of SS-304/ SS-316/PP/ Nylon/ GR Nylon.
Diaphragm Valves, Check Valves & Diaphragms Valves with Body MOC in CI/CS/CF-8M/ Hastalloy/ Aluminum/ Bronze, Lining in Natural Rubber/ Ebonite/ Neoprene/Hypalon/ PTFE with Diaphragms in Natural Rubber/Neoprene/ Butyl/Viton/ PTFE/ Nitrile/ Silicon etc.
Multiport Valves Multiport valves in ABS of 15 NB, 40 NB, 65 NB sizes for Filters, Softeners, Cation, Anion and Mixed Bed.
Internals MOC – MS / MSRL/MSEL/SS-304/SS-316/ PP For Inlet/ Middle/ Bottom/ Regenerant Distributors/ Collectors with Laterals to suit different ion-exchangers.
Ejectors MSEL & MS Ejectors with Ebonite Nozzles, CI Ejectors with GM Nozzles in 1: 5 & 1: 1 ratios to suit different pipe sizes and applications.
Sight Glass Window In PP/ Acrylic MOC for Ion-Exchanger Vessels.
Level Indicators Reflex, Tubular, type Level Gauges for water/ Acid / Alkali storage tanks with different MOC for varied applications.
Vexar Netting, PP Mesh & Tie Wraps In PP to suit different Lateral Sizes and Lengths.
Strainers Double Decker Strainers, Single Decker Strainers, Disc type strainers, Mushroom Type Strainers in PP in different sizes and Flow rates.
Resin Traps/ Media Traps Resin / Media Traps in SS-316 and SS – 304 for trapping of Resin/carbon Media in Pipelines.
Fume  Absorbers, CO2 Absorbers, Seal Pots etc. In PP/ PVC/ MSRL Construction for acid /alkali scrubbing in Regeneration areas of water treatment Plants.
Rubber lined Pipes and Pipe Fittings Pipes and Pipe Fittings as per requirement with and Natural Rubber/ Ebonite Lining.
Safety shower/ Eye wash fountains Push Plate/ Pedal operated eye wash fountains and pull rod/ pedal operated drench showers with SS Shower heads and eye bowls.
Conductivity Meters/ pH Meters/ Flow Meters Conductivity meters (range 0 to 4uS/cm) and (4 to 40uS/cm), pH Indicators in the range 0 to14 and flow Indicators to suit different applications
Swimming Pool Components A full range of water treatment equipment’s and chemicals for use in swimming pools and saunas like-Pool filters, chemical dosers, pool inlet and outlet fittings, ladders, underwater lights, ozone generators, skimmers, suction sweepers, etc.
Dosing Pumps Chemical dosing pumps, Electronic dosing pumps, plunger type dosing pumps for Chemical dosing
Victaulic Couplings Victaulic Couplings in CI/CF 8M construction with Nitrile/EPDM Gaskets in various sizes
Basket type Strainers Basket type Strainers in PP/FRP/SS MOC with 50 micron/100 Micron rating for UF pretreatment
Agitators Slow speed agitators, High speed agitators in SS construction for chemical mixing
Lamella Plates Plates for Lamella Clarifier in corrosion resistant FRP/PP construction with higher surface area