Solid Waste Management (OWP, Greenpac 360TM, Biogas)

OWP (Organic Waste Processor):

wast-management-solid-wasteContinuous composting machine which can compost all the biodegradable waste in to organic manure in about 12-14 days. In this Composting is carried out in a closed vessel in presence of specific microbes & Enzymes.

Range of machine: 25 – 1000 Kg/Day.

Technical Questionnaire for OWP

  • Organic waste should be fed from the mouth along with the Sawdust for adjusting the C:N ratio & Bioculum for increasing the composting process.
  • In the digester the composting process will be carried out over the period of 12-14 days. The organic waste will be gradually move to outlet. The exaust gas will be moved to passthrouh the sand & Carben filter.
  • At the outlet the manure should be collected in any basket or bag which can be used directly as a manure any where.

Green Pact 360TM :

wast-management-solid-waste1The organic Waste is collected and stored in a Green pact 360TM chamber (Closed Vessel) where specific microbes & earthworms are made to decompose the biodegradable waste which can be used as manure. It is moving parts free equipment. So does not require any maintenance. It takes about 30 days for composting of the organic waste.

Range of Equipment: 25- 3000 kg/ Day.

Technical Questionnaire for TOTE

  • Organic Waste should be placed in the Green Tote champer covered with heat trap.
  • In the tote chamber the sutable conditions are maintained for composting with help of temperature sensors & sprinklers.
  • Over the period of time the organic waste is decomposed by vermi composting process. and the manure can be used as organic manure.

Green Gas:

wast-management-solid-waste2A Waste digester (Anaerobic digester) which composts the organic waste and which acts as a continuous source of energy for cooking or Power generation by generator. We also carry out feasibility & Viability study of the project. We take up the entire projects on turnkey basis.

Range of Equipment: 5-1000 m3/Day

Technical Questionnaire for Biogas

  • The feed stock should be in the semi liquid slurry for better composting process process. The feed stock is prepared in the ratio of 1:1.
  • The biodegradable waste is feed in the digester where it goes on decomposting for about 30-40 days and the biogas is produced.
  • The digested slurry is collected at the outlet which can be used as a manure for fertlizers.

Waste Recovery System

wast-management-waste-recoveryRecovery systems are customized as per the Clients requirement & end used of the product (Form). As per the end user requirement the process equipments are customized. We offer end to end solutions in following products



  • Ammonium Nitrate phosphate recovery
  • Caustic Recovery
  • Acid Recovery / Regeneration / Separation
  • Heavy Metals Recovery
  • Precious metal Recovery

Technical Questionnaire for Waste Recovery System

Heat Recovery System

wast-management-heat-recoveryWe provide feasibility & viability report with return on investments on project. We also offer designing, Supply, Erectioning, Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance of the system.  We supply the systems for recovering the heat from:



  • Exhaust heat recovery
  • Jacket heat recovery from gas turbine exhaust
  • Jacket heat recovery from engine
  • Hot waste gases of boilers, kils, and furnaces & be reused for preheating.

Technical Questionnaire for Waste Heat Recovery System

Waste to Energy Projects

wast-management-waste-energy1Now a day every one is looking for greener solutions where waste can be used for some useful alternate used before disposing it out. Some of the alternate options for (reuse solutions). Where the waste can be reused for any alternate useful use.


In this there is thermal conversion is carried out. In this the waste are degraded under high temperature. Here, combustion is managed and the device ensures proper heat for destroying the waste into disposable state. We provide feasibility & viability study report along with end to end solution.

Technical Questionnaire for Incinerator


In this there is chemical conversion taking place. This process entails high temperature driven decomposition of organic matter to produce either heat energy or fuel oil or gas. They are useful for wastes containing high percentage of organic non-biodegradable matter and low moisture content. The products of these processes (producer gas, exhaust gases etc) can be used purely as heat energy or further processed chemically, to produce a range of end products.