• International Waste Research & Technology Centreis a Division of Envergy Projects Ltd. & it is engaged exclusively in developing cleaner processes, technology for waste reduction, recovery, recycling and reuse of Industrial, Urban , Rural, Agricultural , e-wastes in India & abroad.
  • The focussed area is to identify opportunities with 5 Rapproach as Reduction, Reprocessing, Reuse, Recycling & Recovery of wastes.
  • To convert the Hazardous wastes into a non-hazardous commercially viable products or by-products,alternative fuels, with application of green chemistry in processes and resources conservation
  • To apply LCA approach to the whole processes & develop route for better & optimised resources.
  • Green Chemistry & CP are the mantra for IWRTC

IWRTC Infrastructure & Approvals

International Waste Research & Technology Centrehas in-house state-of –art R&D Laboratory & Pilot Plants with following certification & accreditation at Vadodara(Gujarat),India:

  • MoEFrecognised & Gazetted Environmental Laboratory under EPA 1986
  • NABL/ISO 17025 Accredited
  • ISO 9001,14001 & 450001 Certified
  • GPCB Approved Environmental Laboratory
  • RPCB Approved Environmental Laboratory & Environmental Consultants

IWRTC Research Laboratory

GCI Laboratory have state-of-art analysis Facilities for Physical, Chemical, Microbiological & Environmental Testingequipped with following in struments:

  • GC
  • AAS
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
  • Flame Photometer
  • LAF, Autoclave, Microscope
  • ORSAT apparatus
  • Bacteriological Incubators
  • BOD incubator
  • Bomb Colorimeter
  • Melting Point Apparatus
  • Flash Point Apparatus
  • COD Digester
  • Pilot Plants for in house Treatability studies.

Jar test apparatus


Fume Hood


Experts & Expertise

  • IWRTC has multidisciplinary experts & expertise to dealing & expertise to dealing with the complex problems of Hazardous & Non-hazardous Wastes with educational background of Science, Engineering, conomics with wide experience.
  • Pradeep Joshi, Managing Director & Group President with 35+ Years experience in Sustainability solutions in India & abroad
  • Suhas Deosthali, Associate Vice President (ProcessEngg.), 36+ Years experience in Process, Operations & Engineering
  • Jayesh Patel, Sr. Manager-Process & Operations with 33+ years experience in Water & Solid Wastes Management
  • Dr. Sandeep Sohoni, Asst. Manager with 5+years experience
  • Dr. Amita Dalvi, Sr. Executive-EE with 5+years experience
  • Ms. Disha Thakker, Executive-Waste Research & Technology
  • Ms. Nikita Jaiswal, Scientist

Wastes Research & Technology Development Scope



Hazardous & Non-hazardous wastes such as :

  • Spent acids / solvents / catalysts / alkali / carbon
  • Waste oils, sludge from ETP, Process & Residue
  • Residues & Distillates
  • Salts & Evaporator Rejects
  • Boiler Ash
  • Process , ETP & Paint -Sludge
  • Mining waste
  • Textile & Leather Urban & Rural

Urban & Rural

  • MSW / Glass / Metals / scraps / e-wastes
  • Agricultural residue / rejects

Bio-medical wastes & Other wastes

Wastes Research & Technology Development Scope

  • Process & Operation study to understand how & why the waste is generated
  • Sampling & analysis of wastes (Qualitative & Quantitative assessment)
  • Pre-feasibility study at Lab level
  • Pilot studies & Preparation of PFR & DPR including Market Research and Legal compliance for Waste to Product/Energy Projects
  • IWRTC offers end-to-end solution with performance guarantee for the technology including plant basic & detailed engineering design, supply, erection & commissioning, operational support with technology license and operations support.

IWRTC Services


Transforming International Waste Research & Technology Centre & Energy

  • Waste (solid & liquid)–Sampling & Analysis
  • Treatability & Feasibility study
  • Waste Audit of the facility
  • Process & Operation study for identifying waste 5 R approach
  • Waste Footprint
  • LCA
  • Water Audit & Footprint
  • Energy Audit
  • MSW / Glass / Metals / scraps / e-wastes
  • Agricultural residue / rejects
  • Cost Reduction/optimisation studies through Waste Reduction
  • Recovery of Heavy & precious metals, solvents from effluents & sludge
  • Spent catalyst & Carbon-reactivation & recovery
  • Alternate Packaging Materials & Alternative fuels study
  • Green chemistry application in manufacturing
  • Waste to Product & Energy feasibility & pilot plant studies
  • Zero Waste program-implementation & training
  • Contract Research
  • Analytical Services for air, water, waste water ,Wastes & Soil testing/analysis
  • Policy Research
  • Legal Permit/Compliance from MoEF/CPCB/PCB

IWRTC Services

Nickel Recovery from sludge

  • With 5% Nickel in the pickling plant sludge, the Ni is extracted as Nickel & complex as Nickel sulphate, Chloride, etc

Converting waste to Micronutrient

  • In a manmade fibre manufacturing the ZnSO4 is converted into a micronutrient which is blended nitrogenous fertilizer

Residue is converted to alternative fuel

  • The residue has good GCV & now it is used for furnace
    Spent carbon is reprocessed
  • The spent carbon is re-processed & used again

Case Studies-1


Case Studies-2


Way Forward

  • If you have any hazardous or non-hazardous wastes ,send your sample to our R&D Laboratory for preliminary assessment.
  • Send us your brief about the wastes (solid or liquid) as follows (only for proposal) :
  • Quantity generated
  • Chemical composition (IWRTC can do this on chargeable basis)
  • Requirements
  • Current disposal practices
  • Any legal requirements specific to the waste under consideration
  • We sign Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you
  • We analyse the sample ,conduct pre-feasibility and with positive results a full fledge feasibility & recovery/recycling /treatment system is developed with CP principle

Summer / Project Training


IWRTC offer sstudents from universities / colleges summer training / internship / project training programs including support to PhD students for their Research projects in Environmental Laboratory at Vadodara (Gujarat), India from abroad & India, interested institutions can email their details to hr@greencircleinc.com or call Cell + +919377430557 for needful.


Transforming waste into opportunities
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