Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

water-management-sewageWe provide end to end solution for Grey water treatment. We have various options of treatment of water according to space availability, Budget & Location we are suggesting the optimum solution.

ETP – Effluent Treatment Plant

water-management-etpAs the effluent characteristics changes from company to company. So it becomes vary important to carry out the Feasibility & Treatability study of the effluent. According to the study we suggest the necessary treatment options and steps. We have various pilot plants at our MoEF laboratory for carrying out the study. We suggest the optimum solution as per the effluent Characteristics.


water-management-evaporatorWe have specialized in designing and manufacturing of Evaporator and Dryer Systems, Thin Film Evaporation, Forced Circulation Evaporation, Scraped Surface Evaporation, Multiple Effect Evaporation Systems with Thermal Vapor Re-compression (TVR) for concentrating various Heat Sensitive Solutions, Food Specialties, Herbal Extracts, Chemicals, Solvent Mixtures, Effluents etc. We can also design and supply of Evaporative Crystallization system for Zero Effluent Discharge Plant.

R.O Plants

water-management-roR.O is used to purify water & remove salts & other impurities. As per the requirement flow the membrane are selected for the water purification. This systems are generally used for very pure water output.

D.M Plants

water-management-dmIt is used to purify i.e de-mineralized the water & to provide safe, clean process water from any pond, stream, well or any water resources except salt water. It has capacity to remove pesticides, bad taste, color, odors & many harmful chemical contaminants.

Rain Water Harvesting RWH

water-management-rainRainwater Harvesting is the practice of collecting and using rainwater from hard surfaces (Roof tops, Surface run-off). In this, the water is collected in storage tanks and soft artificial lakes. Rainwater Harvesting is done for recharging aquifer (bore wells, percolating wells) and also for ground water recharge, where the runoff on the ground is collected and allowed to be absorbed, adding to the groundwater.